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We have a new folder, the "untriaged folder" for lazy people..., rather a jokey name but it sits in a prominent place as a honey pot and strangely enough people to still do post there. I clear it down regularly and hopefully it will reduce the amount of uncategorised or wrongly categorised submissions that the group has. The folder has a lot of entries in it, 59 pages worth. The reason for this is that I emptied the old Featured folder and transferred the lot here. The old featured folder was a dumping ground when someone could not be bothered to find a folder, the majority could not be bothered! There was a lot of dross there and it really wasn't the best. So, they have all been expunged from the featured folder and dumped into the "untriaged folder" for lazy people...

I am attempting to review this folder and will delete all the entries, one page every day. I've already started at page 60. I am reviewing each page and keeping the very, best and putting them manually into the correct folders, everything else will be deleted. If you want your submission here to be retained then I suggest you move it fast or let us know where you want it to go.

Featured now only displays the best of CustomizeWindows - let's keep it that way. To make sure this continues, submissions to featured gallery will be automatically rejected - Members and non-members CAN suggest to the featured folder by PM to the admins. We reserve the right to add to the gallery as we see fit, we may also move any submissions from the featured gallery as we see fit. The admins won't submit our own stuff there gratuitously either :)

Folder names: I have simplified the folder names considerably attempting to focus the contents on the Windows o/s specifically, be it desktop, tablet or mobile. Having all that extra Mac and Linux stuff detracts from the real purpose of the group which is determined by its very name, "CustomizeWindows".
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Submitted on
August 25, 2016