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We've done some tidying to make the group easier to use, simplifying the folder names, removing the folders that are not related to customising Windows (the purpose of the group). I've also added some simple and easy to understand rules on the group page so there is no confusion regarding submissions/rejections. I've also reduced the number of votes required to submit to some folders so that far fewer submissions will expire. You can no longer submit to the featured folder, that will display the group's very best submissions, just as it ought to be. The admins will decide what goes there in future. I have selected a few devations that I thought were worth featuring. Feel free to PM us to suggest something for the featured folder otherwise we will just choose from your daily submissions as they arrive.

There are a couple of new folders that may prove useful. Please feel to view and comment :…
If you want to suggest a new folder then please do. Keep it simple and related to Windows, desktop or mobile please!
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August 14, 2016


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